Quilts for Dallas

Hi everyone!  As most of us have tragically heard the devastating news from Dallas in the recent week, we can’t help but be in grief.  Grief for the family members and the departments, the local area, and the country.  I am truly hoping we can all come together and love one another, in unity.

I am writing today to reach out.  I am a 911 Police Dispatcher, and I am a stay at home mama at the moment, and money is tight.  But together, we can pull our resources and send some prayers and love in the way of some memory quilts for the Dallas PD.  Scraps, blocks, batting, money for shipping would all be a great help!  I can’t do this alone ladies!

I have contacted Corinne Sovey from Sunshine Hand Craft who is located in Austin.  She is an amazing quilter!  She is a Austin Modern Quilt Guild Member and Craftsy Pattern Designer who designed the quilt pattern that I would love to use for these quilts.  Here is the pattern and her site .

I am also in the works of contacting Dallas PD for some more info on the fallen officers, and figure how best to get these memory gifts for them.  If you are interested in donating, quilting, sewing or what ever you feel you can help out with please let me know!  I would love to start something that we can continue for other great causes, here in our state and across the country.

If you are with a local California Quilt Guild please reach out to me if you can!

Please keep checking back for more info in the next few days!

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