Road Trip!!

We’ve been trying to take more trips in our awesome trailer we bought right after miss C was born. 

So we’re off for a week on the beautiful California coast. Took a week to pack for two littles, 2 Bostons and 2 big humans. Ugh. All in 100 degree weather. So I’ve had little time for crafting this past week, which aches my heart.

So this is what I have packed for my trip. A bag full of stuff. I really wish I could have brought my Bernie, but she’s a big ole bitch, kinda heavy to bring camping hah! 

I have all my floss, embroidery hoop, quick snap frame with a current round robin I’m working on with blackwork cross stitch. I also brought my Scooby Doo Clouds Factory Cross stitch pattern and pink crystal Aida to work on. 

Also in the bag is some of the animal alphabet patterns from Penguin & Fish. I’ve completed one set already, which was made into a awesome quilt for my little nephew.  Here’s some pics of the first one I completed. Such a fun project, a lot of work but so fun, and great for the road! 

I did manage to get a pattern test finished for the lovely Quiet Play. It was a new set she has being released soon of Dr. Who. I had the delightful Doctor #7, and he turned out pretty snazzy I do say! He kinda reminds me of caddyshack. Super fly. 

Check out all of Quiet Play’s patterns here on her craftsy page! They’re amazing, and I’m a lucky girl to be testing her amazing patterns. 

They come together so easy and so precise. 

So, I’m glad that I was able to finish that yesterday after packing. 

I finally found a few new swaps on Instagram that I’m way pumped about! The first is a 90’s cartoon swap. How epic is that!? Growing up in the 90’s there was so many funky cartoons. Beavis and Butthead, Power Puff Girls, Rainbow Brite, Doug, and many more. Here’s my mosaic inspiration for the swap 

What do you like to bring on road trips? What works for you in the car? Do you craft while on vacation? 

Have a great week everyone!

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