Jill came tumbling after…

So, let me start by saying I’m ok. I’m alive. Mentally and physically.  I crashed. Not like a bump or fender bender, but the kind of crash you see a stunt man do. I rolled my quad and went tumbling down a hill. Thankfully my Jack was close by. And his ass didn’t fall. Being in the boonies camping meant buckets and buckets of bourbon my Jack would be bringing…

Being old now and not in my prime pre kids in much better shape and endurance body, I still some how have that inner spirit of “I’m still a bad ass” mentality. Cool. I’m still the same 24 year old that could kick ass up that hill on my quad right? Nope.

Hauled up a steep hill, foot slipped while trying to downshift, falling down the hill still on my bike, the ole girl and I hit a huge bump. She bucked me off like a rodeo clown. Then, she landed on me. Ouch. 

Everything hurts. Which totes sucks, because this is our getaway weekend. We could have chosen wine tasting in Napa or a nice cozy bed and breakfast. But our 24 year old selves packed up our bikes and headed to the Mendencino Forrest. We love this place. It’s so freagggin hot here this time of year that we’ve only seen a few other people so far. Awesome. Now I’m hobbling around, road rashed, bruised and can’t ride. My bike is pretty messed up, but I don’t think I could get on it right now anyways. Spirit animal says go for it. Mom body says nope. I feel so lame. Like I should just buy a minivan and some mom jeans and throw up the white flags. Boo.

Well, we’re still having a great time. It’s beautiful here. And quiet. I love my girls, but damn this is nice. 4 days of bliss…and a bruised ass. 

Oh, and our water pump in the trailer isn’t working. Lovely. But we’re easy going, and love each other, and we’re both hilarious, so that helps. Oh, and the bourbon. Can’t forget that!
You fix that baby. My little McGruber, always handy.

So, here’s what I’m doing now. Bliss. Coffee in a hand me downs mug from my granny, which probably has lead in it.

 Working on one of my travel go to projects, hexies. Love them. Perfect for the car, or anywhere really. Before I had to lug around a diaper bag, my cute little purses always had a pouch with some snips, thread, fabric scraps and some paper pieces. So easy, fun, and relaxing. Love them. 

I’m working on a hexie swap right now, which makes this crafting even more purposeful. Usually I make hexies just to make them and use those fabric scraps that I just couldn’t throw out. 

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