Busy mom, busy life

Wow, things have been non stop lately! My husband was on vacation for a few weeks, which halted my crafting hard core. I love having him around, its such fun to be together, and a lot of help with the girls. But man, I am glad to finally be back in my normal routine after him being off for 4 weeks.

We had lots of camping trips the past few weeks. Dirt biking at Cisco Grove, coastal camping on the beautiful California coast in Pescedero, and then a few days down in Monterey/Carmel area. It was fun to take the kids camping, but man, so much work! Oh, we had both dogs with us too! Non stop. Fun, but not super relaxing! My husband and I then went on a 4 day trip dirt biking by ourselves. That was amazing, minus rolling over on my quad.

But now I am back in my craft room, my quiet, peaceful, kid free place! I have been putting most of my time and efforts into organizing the Quilts for Dallas project. But I have lots of other things going on in here too.

I have a ton of swaps that I signed up for. Maybe too many, but can you really have too many?! I do all of my sewing and crafting during nap and bed time. Since hubby works swings, it gives me a lot of good time alone to focus on my craft. Only problem is I go to bed way to late! But there is a lot of time to sleep, not a lot of alone kid free crafting time!

My oldest just started preschool, so I have a little more time while she’s away and the baby naps.

Besides working on the Dallas project, here are a few awesome swaps that I joined!

* 90’s Cartoon Swap: how fun does that sound! Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, I am so excited to have some flash backs of my younger years.

* Hexie Swap: I love hexies. I have been doing them for years, and it has been nice to see over the past few years how it has gained more momentum in the sewing community. They are so fun, easy, great scrap busters, and you can work on them anywhere, any time.

* Favorite Things Swap: Such a versatile swap! The possibilities are endless really!

* Teal Mini Swap: This is a new one that I just heard of. I love that it is for awareness of Ovarian Cancer, as most of the women in my family have had this cancer. Plus, teal is one of my favorite colors!

* Inchies Swap: Inches are inch based pieces of what ever you want! There are lots of different materials that can be used. I will probably use fabric because I have tons of it, lots of scraps in my world! I can never toss out those little pieces!

* Falling For Fall Swap: I love the fall. The colors are amazing, although where I live it is still super hot. Like 90’s hot. But it is a beautiful time of year, bringing the temps down, ending the summer craziness, and welcoming in the fall and winter chaos!

* Towel Swap: I love cross stitch. I learned this from my granny, it was the first type of crafting that I learned. I always thought that it was so old school. My granny always did ducks and “old lady” stuff. As I got older, I rediscovered cross stitch and embroidery. Wow, there are so many modern, new and exciting patterns out there! I love Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery, Clouds Factory and Satsuma Street right now. Also, Penguin and Fish’s amazing ABC patterns are darling! I have never cross stitched on towels, so it will be fun to see how they turn out.

* Blackwork Project: I am also doing a Blackwork Project of a sewing machine. It is a round robin swap, so it takes a lot of the “I get bored” with a project out of the creation process.

I also signed up to do another craft fair in September. I am hoping to meet some other local crafty ladies and see whats out there. I got a great response from the last show I did, mainly gaining sales after the show.

What are you all working on? I would love to hear!

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