Birthday Coupon Code!

Wow, this past few weeks have been MADNESS!!!

Miss C turned 3, which entailed of packing the family up for camping for a few days. Then it was back home juggling planning and prepping for my craft market. Then there was planning & prepping Miss A’s first birthday party. All on top of taking care of the family, a baby who was a teething monster, and working part time. Ahh!!! Looking forward to the next few weeks of just ordinary busy life, instead of crazy busy life!

Anywhoo, I wanted to get back into loving and creating for you all! I have lots of lovely items posted for sale in my Etsy shop, with more that will be listed in the next few days.

I have really dove in hard on making clothing, finally! I have always wanted to go for it but was so intimidated. I have always used commercially available patterns, like those you would find and Joann’s etc. And I have ALWAYS had horrible luck with the outcomes. They never fit and looked terrible. Recently thanks to ever so awesome Instagram, I have discovered several pattern designers that I am madly in love with. Like hardcore guys. These patterns are amazing, trendy but oh so classic. And they always fit perfectly! I love that. I love that for so many reasons but mainly because I hate my seam ripper. So be looking for new creations that are for your little humans to wear!

I’ve made a few dolls in the past few weeks, but was so busy with other stuff and I got hooked on these dresses and bloomers I have been making. I wanted have a good mix of items for my craft market! I think that I did. I had a few sales, nothing cray but a few, which helped my self esteem a little! Doing shows and putting yourself out there for in person critique is hard! I have a few more shows planned before Christmas and I can’t wait to keep learning how to sell my items. It is a never ending learning curve. There are those that love and cherish handmade, and others that will say, “a hundred dollars for a blanket?! I can get that at Walmart for $10.” Yea lady, go ahead and try!

Anyways, the struggle is real to make it in the crafty world! but I have the talent and skills, I just gotta learn how to get it out there!

In celebration of me finally getting off my ass over the years and actually taking the first steps to getting myself out there….

In celebration of surviving another year of firsts with a infant…Keeping all of us alive, healthy and happy…

In celebration of getting two birthdays done in 27 days….

In celebration of not depleting the worlds wine and bourbon supplies…

In celebration of my two beautiful, sassy and sweet little misses…

Until September 30th, enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50, and the ever so fun Funfetti Birthday Bear is 27% off also until September 30th! Use Promo code AVABEAR1 for free shipping!

Have a great week!


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