And the Winner is…


Hey everyone! Eeek I am so excited that you are here with me today friends!

Awhile back, when I started my website, blog, Etsy shop, got more involved on Social Media, I really wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. WOW. There is so much content out there! For me, it is really hard to pick just one thing, I get super stoked and I want to do it all. I want to blog, have a website, Etsy shop, charity work, do swaps, and put myself out there more. That’s not too much right?!

Being a super crafty brained person, it is extremely hard to focus sometimes. There are so many ideas always floating around in my head, as well as all over the other fun and not so fun regular life stuff. Being a mom, wife and dispatcher is definitely a challenge to say the least. It really was a personal goal year for me. Really. But then, LIFE. I went back to work full time, had to re-learn my mom craft of juggling two little girls & two pups, wife life and work. I felt like I failed, at many things. And I also felt that I let myself down, because I had so many goals and aspirations for the year. I felt guilty for not being more active on my blog and website, doing more shows, and just doing, well, more!

UGH. It’s tough. Really freaggin’ tough. I started to get anxiety about what I couldn’t get done in a day, week or that month. After years of doing this, and more in the last year than I would like to admit, I realized something. None of that matters. Does it really matter if I get the 4 loads of laundry that have been laying in the loft for the past two days done today? No. Going to Costco? No. Making the bed? Nah. Why was I always feeling guilty for things that I couldn’t do or get done? Seriously there is not enough time in the day! And it wasn’t from pressure from anywhere else, except for me. I put too much pressure on myself, like most of us do these days.
One morning, I woke up to the kids on the monitor, as always. Exhausted, as always. Wanting to sleep all day and have some hot ass dude come bring me breakfast in bed and rub my feet. I had this overwhelming dread that it was going to be a screaming,I want Bee Cereal, hair pulling,I don’t want to, dog shit on the carpet overnight kinda morning.

Starting my day, I was greeting my wiggle butts from the dogs. Ohh those wiggle butts, from the dogs with lil’ stubby tails. To die people! So excited to see me and those sweet faces. No judgement, just love, always. Then the girls, sweet morning faces, full of “mama I love you” and hugs and kisses. Cuddling with them and the pups I decided that those chores and errands can wait. I really did, like for real tho’! It was like a rock hit me in the head and reset me, and I have felt that way now for a few weeks. It was such a breath of fresh air. And it was weird because it just happened. I didn’t see a beautiful double rainbow or go to some retreat. I just looked, really looked for the first time in a long time, about what I was missing out on. The day to day cray cray of being a mama just caught up with me.

I really have to focus on it, it takes work to not get swooped back up in that all. I really learned one huge thing though. No matter what, do not keep beating myself up. I have been really really good at that over the years. I am really good at saying that I want to do everything, I want to do more and more and more. I am also super kick ass at putting too much on my plate.

My husband is always getting on me about this, and every time I get to where the pitcher is overflowing, he gently brings it up. I always tell him “yea, I know. I promise I won’t do it anymore”. I try, but it never works! I try to explain to him that it’s crazy and different being the mama, and having a creative mind like mine. It can be crazy overwhelming to conquer all of these things that we as mothers want to do. Add the creative mind in, and it can be recipe for disaster. So, I am going to try my best to finally get this boat floating and be more proactive about writing, it really is a fun and relaxing thing for me to do.

So! Enough blah blah. For some reason I needed to get that off my chest, and let you all know how GRATEFUL I am for you! It is an amazing feeling when you are creative to be able to share that with others. I can’t tell you how amaze balls it is to see your faces or pics of your little’s wearing something that I made! Truly is a gift. So thank you! I appreciate everyone single one of you.

Let’s get to it!

The Wyllow Witch is a 18″ stuffie, with a black hat, and beautiful yarn hair, hand stitched face, and will come with a tutu skirt, boots and of course, a broom! I started working on those last night, so you will have to wait a little bit longer to see those! She would be a super cute decor addition or an amazing cuddle buddy for your little one.



Please contact me with your info and I will get her shipped out to you!

Thank you everyone for entering!


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