****10/19 UPDATE****
After a week of putting this out there on the facebook page, the list is growing! We are still looking for donations, anything will help and in a little project like this goes a long way! So far I have started 2 frogs, 2 hippos and 2 koala’s!
**We are still accepting names, so please please please send them my way!**
There are several names already on our list and we expect that there are at LEAST 100 First Responder Families that have lost their homes. I am partnering with United by Blue to give these Blue Lines kids something to cuddle with in these incredibly trying and scary times. the necessities are coming and donations have been amazing to see, but we want to give them something special that is made special just for them!
If you would like to help out with supplies, please message me or you can directly donate money to the Blushing Bostons Paypal account (as friends/family & add donation note) at:
If you can send fabric, wool felt or stuffing please let me know!
please check out the orginal post and facebook page for more info!

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