De la Luna Tote

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This gorgeous De la Luna fabric created by Tula Pink is stunning!  The colors and the art work is to die for!

This is a Clydebank style tote.  There are two sizes available in this tote should you request a custom order. 


Small - 9.5" long x 14" tall x 3" wide

Large - 13" long x 21 1/4" tall x 5" wide

This tote features a soft foam core which allows the bag to stand alone, and gives it great shape.  The front panel has a bright and beautiful De la Luna artwork, striped sides, and a beautiful but funky bright almost neon green interior and lining.  There are two zipper pockets inside.  This is a large tote, perfect for the beach, gym, day out or just shopping!


De La Luna!   A wonderfully gothic collection by Tula Pink!  Here is the story from Tula Pink about the De la Luna Sisters!

The De la Luna Sisters are the not so distant cousins of the Von
Black sisters, who made somewhat of a name for themselves a
few years ago in collection called Night Shade. While the Von
Black sisters drew their power from more earthly elements, the
De la Luna sisters cull their magical gifts from the spirit realm.
Once a year, as fall crashes into winter, the matriarchs of the De
la Luna clan call on their ancestors, acting as vessels for their
vast power.
Maria De la Luna, the youngest of the three sisters can see into
the great distance of the future as she draws her power from
the most clairvoyant spirits in their lineage. She uses her prophetic
sight to write letters to mean girls informing them of the
exact time and place that they will die or sometimes when their
boyfriends will break up with them depending on how mean
they are.
The middle Sister, Magnolia De la Luna, is perhaps the most cunning
of the three although it’s hard to tell because she doesn’t
wear glasses and everyone knows that the smartest people always
wear glasses. Magnolia, Maggie for short, draws her power
from the spirits of earth and bloom. She uses her potent power
to cultivate and nurture vast gardens and lush landscapes for
her highest paying clients. Oh, did I forget to mention that she
runs a surprisingly successful landscape architecture firm in their
prosperous south Texas town?
The oldest sister, Venus De la Luna, the undisputed caretaker
of the whole De Luna clan and best friend to her cousin Scarlet
Von Black has a vary mysterious past. Venus leaves a trail of
admirers where ever she goes. Great empires have fallen under
her angelic gaze. Many great men sit alone in padded rooms
spending endless days and boundless nights whispering her
name to no one in-particular. She swears that she did nothing to
encourage their favor and was only, ever, minding her own business.
Just because these men choose to buy her gifts from her
extensive online wish list is truly no fault of her own