Preorder Fabric Collection

Collection of pre-order fabrics.  A pre-order fabric has not yet arrived at my shop.  When you order that fabric, it allows me to order enough of the fabric and save that yardage for you.  The estimated date of shipping or arrival will be listed in that listing.  This is a great way to get the freshest fabrics right when they come out!

Sometimes it will be an early order on a collection that is being released in several weeks to months, or it may be ordered and I am just waiting for it to arrive.  This is helpful when I have sales as that price will be honored during the sale.

If an item shows the month of the preorder, that is when the manufacture tells shops that it will be released and start shipping.  However, due to COVID a lot of items have been delayed.  I cannot control when they will arrive, so please keep that in mind if you need it for specific projects! I will keep the preorder month as is even if it's past that date for transparency! I am really good about updating statuses on social media and in the shop emails.  Refunds will not be granted unless it's in the month after it is expected to arrive.  Please email me if you have any questions before or after purchasing, I am always contacting my distributors for updates!

If possible please order pre-order fabrics separate from in-stock items.  This will save you shipping in the long run!  If you do order together and you have either picked up your fabrics or had them shipped, your order will still show as unfulfilled and I have records of what has been delivered or what needs to be delivered.