Horror Fabric Face Mask

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 Ready to ship. Pattern placement will vary


Mask will be made with exterior fabric shown.  Lining colors can vary but will always coordinate.  This is a preorder, meaning that I have the fabric on hand but the mask is not yet completed.  Cut and made to order with an Approximately 2-3 week turnaround.  Orders arefor the wrong size or style ordered, or if you request a refund before the 2-3 week period.  I understand the need and that everyone needs one.  If you are not willing to wait the 2-3 weeks please do not order as your order will not be refunded due to the time frame. 

Inventory listed is the last of this fabric that is on hand and will most likely not be restocked.  Meaning, if 10 are available, that means that I have enough fabric to make those 10.  When I have a piece of fabric I estimate how many masks I can make from that piece.  Occasionally, I may be able to make more than listed.  If that is the case, I will re-list more at that time.  Solid prints will be restocked often as those are easy fabrics to obtain. 

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Masks will be made with elastic over the ear.  If you would like ribbon tie back or over the head/elastic please add in the notes.  

 These masks are made from 3 layers of prewashed 100% woven cotton fabrics. Exterior, lining and slip pocket lining make them usable alone or you can add a filter of your choice inside the slip pocket. Linings and slip pockets will coordinate because they need to be cute too right?!

I apologize in advance for the photo quality but have spent all my time sewing when I can to make these!  

Pattern placement will vary.  I use high-quality cotton fabrics.

I will try my hardest to make as many as I can, as fast as I can. However I am an essential worker, and I am still working a full-time job, have two kids that are home and not in school. So please be patient with me! Any questions feel free to message me! 

Not all prints will be offered in all sizes.  This could be due to that they are already cut out in a specific size or based on the pattern, smaller sizes may not look right.  If there is not sizing info on that mask, it will be sent as an adult over the ear elastic unless the customer requests otherwise in the notes to me.  I have made kids masks for my 4 and 6-year-olds and since their ears are not as stiff I would recommend behind the head/neck elastic or a ribbon tie back.

Sizes available:  SIZING IS APPROX!!!  We all have different size bodies!  I will do my best to help you with sizing, message me 

Toddler 2-6

Child 6-9

Adult-Small: Teen range to small adult/smaller faced adult.  These are approx. 7" long and 4" tall from the middle-top of the nose to chin.

Adult - Regular: fits most adults.  If you have a smaller head/face you can order the Adult Small size. They are 5" tall from the middle-top of the nose to chin. They are approx 8" long.  If the elastic is too long for you, you can tie a slip knot to tighten.

On any size: If the elastic is too loose, you can always tie a slip knot to tighten it up. 

All sales are final due to this being a personal use product.  Once your order is complete it will ship the next business day.  Multiple shipping options available.  

PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME FOR PORCH PICK UP!  I don't want a million people on my porch picking up stuff, no offense! 

Here are some suggestions that you can use to add a filter to your fabric mask. These have been researched online to what people are commonly using, again, I make no claims that these filters or use of my masks with a filter will protect from any pathogens or hazards. 

  • Coffee Filters
  • MERV 10 Filters
  • Vacuum Filters
  • Using a provided PPE mask or filter inside

About our masks:

  • two layers of cotton fabric - Exterior and coordinating interior.  
  • inside pocket for option filters made with a breathable interfacing
  • Elastic over the ear or ribbon tie straps
  • Machine Washable- Wash cold, tumble dry low, remove immediately. Iron as needed.  Be careful while ironing over the nose piece as there is a wire inside,



These fabric masks are made with 100% cotton woven fabrics are not meant to replace PPE or N95 masks. No claims are made that this will replace an N95 or other PPE approved mask. The CDC has recently stated that fabric masks are acceptable in the Crisis Capacity.

This mask is not intended to replace an N95 mask. Fabric masks will help with the spread of germs, providing a barrier of protection when hospital approved masks are not available. AGAIN, we are making NO claims that they will prevent you or others from getting ill or being exposed to any pathogen or hazards, COVID 19, etc. This is simply a barrier mask/droplet precautions mask.  

For more information visit the CDC website or the link below.

Wearing a homemade fabric face mask will not prevent some from catching COVID-19, but it can help with the spread of larger particles in the air if someone who is infected coughs or sneezes. I make no claims that they will protect from any pathogens or covid 19