Curiouser & Curiouser Wonder 14 Ribbon Full Collection - Tula Pink

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Save when you bundle up! $10 off retail pricing special for preorders! Holy wonderland! ⏰ 🐛 

This listing is for one yard of each print in the entire ribbon collection!! For a total of 14 yards

Includes 1 yard of each: 

🎩 Madhatter 2"  -  Pink and purple
☕️ Big Tea Time 1.5" - Pink and blue
🐱 Cheshire Cat 1.5" - Yellow and blue
🫖 Tea Time, 7/8" - Pink and blue
🐰 Down the Rabbit Hole 7/8" - Pink and green 
🌹 Painted Roses 5/8" - Pink and navy
♠️ Suited and Booted 3/8" - Cream and navy

Tula Pink ribbons are wonderful to use as an embellishment on any sewing projects!

Great to make unique straps (stitching them on webbing) for all your bag creations!


Delicate washing cycle - 100% Polyester

These beautiful woven jacquard ribbons are the perfect trim to elevate your sewing projects. Add these to pockets, straps, pillows, towels, tassels, zipper pulls and pet collars to take your project to the next level. It's elegant, fun and that special final touch makes it truly your own...

Sold by the yard.