Tula Pink Curiouser - Day Dream - Designer Ribbon Pack

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Tula Pink Curiouser - Day Dream - Designer Ribbon Pack

Curiouser & Curiouser Collection- Day Dream 

This pack of gorgeous woven ribbons features a total of 5 detailed designs beautifully woven as jacquard ribbons in Day Dream colorway: a cool palette of lavender, blues, and purples.

It coordinates with Tula Pink super-popular cotton quilting fabric produced by FreeSpirit Fabrics.

Content: 1yd 2", 1yd 1-1/2”, 1yd 7/8”, 1yd 5/8”and 1 yd 3/8" 5 yards total.

These unique jacquard ribbons are the perfect trim to elevate your sewing projects. Add these to pockets, straps, pillows, towels, tassels, zipper pulls and pet collars to take your project to the next level. It's elegant, fun and that special final touch makes it truly your own...

The whimsical charm and nonsense in Alice in Wonderland story, interpreted by Tula Pink is a new source of creativity for our projects. The white rabbit, painted roses, Cheshire cats, Mad Hatter and teacups, and other characters from the story become alive under your eyes. Let them inspire you!

Delicate washing cycle - 100% Polyester


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