Craft Closet Organization

Craft Closet Organization

Hey everyone! Hope your day is fab! I want to share some of the ways that I like to organize my home. You may find it kinda bland or boring, and sometimes I do too! I love scrolling through beautiful feeds on social media of the posters beautiful homes, beautiful and nifty organization skills, and of course, those beautiful photos! But let's be honest, sometimes, maybe more times, all of these posts are staged, altered, etc. You know, not real life, but stunning! I wonder how sometimes if it is real, how do they keep it like that?! Does it work for them? Do they have little human beast children running around and they just don't touch that stuff?! I dunno, just some rando thoughts that run through my head at times!

I love the look of curated feeds and staged and propped photos. But for me, although I love how it looks, for me, it just isn't always function friendly. Having a home and craft space that is efficient is what works best for me. I can see pretty things if I need to! I love having a super efficient space. I don't judge either way! I do think that being organized and having spaces that work for you is what matters. My home decor is pretty minimalist, I don't care to spend extra money on home decor stuff. I did in the past, decorate for every holiday and season. Now as I age, I prefer just simple, efficient spaces that I don't have to spend hours on end putting crap out and then later, packing it all up. I would rather spend my money on my kids, or more fabric! My husband is totally on board with not always decorating too. He hates throw pillows!

Today I am just gonna talk about how I came to organize my sewing room closet. I recently moved into this room. It was my girls nursery before. I had my sewing room in another room, that was bigger, with a walk in closet. In a previous post, I talked about how we did this crazy 3 day switcheroo of the entire house. The importance of that, for me, was that I was able to take my time, placing things in spots with a purpose, purging and organizing them to aid in the best way for me! I hope that you get inspired for your own space!

This is my closet. It is a pretty typical standard sized closet, with sliding mirrors for doors. Not super needed for this space, but they are there, so that's where they will stay. On the right side, I asked Target (and it was free!) for a wrapping paper box, you know, those big red ones that say $5 on it. It is a perfect base for long items! I probably could cover it and make it cute, but I don't really care about it that much. It is tucked away. I have long wooden dowels in there, and longer upholstery rolls & photo backdrops.

The wire rack is from Ikea. It is called Antonius, and is super affordable. My set up has two stacked on top of each other. They are
17 3/8 x 21 1/4 x 27 1/2 " and are $19.99 for a 4 basket stacked system. Perfect for larger items that won't slip through the little square holes. I have all of my shipping supplies for my online store and shipping R+F stuff out on the bottom two, shipping tape and other adhesives and my laminator (love this one) in the other since I use these quite a bit.

4th basket has leather rolls. I had these in a Ikea fabric bin before, but prefer them this way much better. So much easier to see what I have. I feel that being efficient has also helped me buy less!

5th one has cross stitch & hand embroidery supplies. Hoops, snap frames, some started projects in ziplocs, and a few patterns that need to be filed.

6th one has Aida cloth and flosses that need to be placed on bobbins.

7th holds machine embroidery supplies. I have my hoops for the Bernie in here, stabilizers of all kinds for machine embroidery.

The top basket is where I keep all my interfacing scraps. I always reach for these first when I am doing a project! I don't save super small pieces, but if I can use them for a bag or tab or strap, I will save it. I found that for larger pieces, the super big ziploc bags work great! I used a metal ring with Ikea curtain hooks on them that have a clamp at the end to hang them so I can really use all that space! Some of the bags have cute sticker labels on them that I designed over at Avery Label website. I have a few that still need to be labeled because I ran out, so sharpie marker it is! I store my light box and extra lamp on the floor.

Larger bolts of interfacing and foam on bolts are stored on the top shelf. Serger thread is out and easy to access. I have little tags printed out & laminated with the names of the interfacing. I am using bulb shaped safety pins to clip on the bolts so I don't have to pull them out to see what they are! I actually purchased a bolt from Beverly's when they were open and the little tag came home with me, so I ran with the idea. Makes it a lot easier when I am looking up there at all white stuff!

The tall snap lock jars have different buckles and clasp type notions that I use to bags and such. The baskets are from Target and I just used some tape to attach those on the baskets and they actually stick quite well. Velcro and strapping is store here. I try and get the bolts that trim comes on when I go to the store and re-use them to wrap my trims and straps on there, and use a pin to attach it to itself. Beads and charms are nicely stacked, and I think that I will label one side so that I don't have to pull them all out when I am looking for something specific. Kamsnaps and floss are stacked next to those. I have a cute box with left over binding pieces inside, another with glitter vinyl and some stacking baskets from The Container Store where I keep WIPS.