Custom Snow Globe Cups & Tumblers

Collection of custom made cups and tumblers.  All sizes and styles!

What is a Snow Globe Glitter Flow Cup?  These are so cool and fun!  You can spin it, flip it, shake it up like a snow globe!  So fun to watch and it's pretty relaxing!  If you get one with shaped glitter, it is so fun to find what shapes are inside!  You can get cool lids and coordinating straws and there are all types of styles of cups.  Want a Minnie Mouse lid?  I got that!  Want a skinny matte colored cup?  Yup, I have that too!

I prefer to epoxy my cups to the exterior when there is a vinyl decal on your cup.  This ensures that the vinyl won't lift, which is normal if exposed after time.  This will ensure no lifting.  This can/will be done on stainless tumblers and snowglobe tumblers when/if possible.  This means longer-lasting quality for you, a few extra steps for me, but a little longer waiting time on customs.  Epoxy coats take a few days to apply and set due to dry time.  This is affected by the temperature outside, so if you order a custom please keep this in mind! If you have any questions just reach out!