We All Float - IT Pennywise - Starbucks 24 oz Snow Globe Glitter Flow Cup

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Ready to Ship! This 24 oz cup has a black and red blood splatter glitter, IT decal. 

What is a Snow Globe Glitter Flow Cup?  These are so cool and fun!  You can spin it, flip it, shake it up like a snow globe!  So fun to watch and it's pretty relaxing!  If you get one with shaped glitter, it is so fun to find what shapes are inside!

This is for a 24 oz Starbucks Cup with a flat lid and green straw.  Has Starbucks logo and cup markings.  Genuine Starbucks cup. 

Available with or without vinyl name add on. $5 extra for name adds on in permanent vinyl.  If you choose to add a name please allow a week to add the name and epoxy seal. This takes a few days to cure. Epoxy seal ensures the vinyl will never lift 

They will be wrapped and ship in a box so that they arrive safely!  Here are some tips to keep your cup in tip-top shape!


for videos of the flow check Instagram and Facebook pages!

Care Instructions

* Hand wash only
* Do not soak or scrub the vinyl
* Cold drinks only

*Not dishwasher safe. 

* Do not drop!

*Keep out of heat (don't leave in your car!)