Pre-Order Fabric Policy

What is a pre-order fabric? This is an fabric industry standard practice for fabric shops.   The fabric manufacturers will sell fabric shops fabric collections before they are released.  For example, Free Spirit Fabrics will start taking preorders for Tula Pink months before the fabric is due to release to the public.  A pre-order fabric has not yet arrived at my shop.  When you order that fabric, it allows me to order enough of the fabric and save that yardage for you.  The estimated date of shipping or arrival will be listed in that listing.  This is a great way to get the freshest fabrics right when they come out!

Pre-order fabrics will be listed in the Pre-Order Fabric Collection and will state that it is a preorder fabric.  

**Due to COVID, there are delays across the world from shipping from printers & manufacturers to the fabric companies, and then to fabric shops.  These delays are beyond anyone's control and we appreciate your patience!  I would like to add that I am in constant contact with my fabric reps on orders that are upcoming or that were supposed to arrive and that are delayed.  I typically ship in stock items same day if not next day.  There are no post pick ups on Sundays, so orders ordered on late Friday night or Saturday will ship Monday.  

Sometimes it will be an early order on a collection that is being released in several weeks to months, or it may be ordered and I am just waiting for it to arrive.  This is helpful when I have sales as that price will be honored during the sale.

If you order a preorder fabric with in stock fabrics, your order will ship once all the items are in stock.  Meaning that you will receive your order once all items arrive. If you chose to order together and decide that you need the in stock items sooner, message me to arrange for additional postage charges.  I do not mind shipping in stock items before but the cost will be covered by the customer. To avoid overages, please order preorders separate from in stock items.  All items that are not in stock are clearly marked, in the items title, in the item description and will be in the preorder collection. 

If you do order together and you have either picked up your fabrics or had them shipped, your order will still show as unfulfilled and I have records of what has been delivered or what needs to be delivered.

 Refunds are not accepted should you change your mind because you don't want to wait for the preorder to arrive. Any charges associated with refunds/returns or changed minds will be covered by the customer.  If you have any questions please message me and I will be happy to answer any questions or get things figured out!