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The Blushing Boston

Heart Confetti - Personalizable - Pen

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  • Heart Confetti glitter pen - Plain or add a name/title
  • Ink Joy Gel Pen 0.7
  • Black Ink
  • Length ~ 5.25" long
  • Smooth glide writing, these are my go-to for journaling and everyday writing!
  • Refillable - Search for Ink Joy refills when your pen runs out!

Pen Care:

As mentioned, you can refill these beauties!  Extra refills are not included.  Do not drop, although we make quality handmade products, pens may chip, or attachments may fling off if they are dropped hard enough!  Search Google or Amazon for Ink Joy Gel Pen refills.

The price is for one handmade pen.  All handmade items may have slight variations when replicated.