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Fabric Funhouse

Natural Cork - Navy

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Please select the cut size.  Pieces will be cut in the chosen size, not continuous if more than one piece is ordered.   

Cork is an amazing material to work with!  It is a natural, durable, easily washable, and very fashionable material! It is ideal for sewing, crafting, upholstery, bags, and more!  It can be sewn or glued to other materials and surfaces.  You can embroider on cork or die-cut or laser cut.  

I only order very high-quality cork that I use in my creations!  I order from Fabric Fun House which has the highest quality Spanish Cork, which is Vegan and Eco-Conscious.  Cork is a sustainable natural resource and it is an important part of the ecosystem.

Backing: 15.5% Cotton 29.5% PES 55% Polyurethane (Thin, very pliable and durable).

So easy to sew!  I have hand-sewn binding to this cork fabric.  It can be sewn with a sharp new, needle ( I like Microtex 90/14) or universal 80/12 and on either a domestic or industrial machine.  I recommend doing a test piece to see what your machine likes best!  

DO NOT PIN!!  If you pin cork, the holes may stay!  I love and recommend Wonder Clips Adding a longer stitch length also gives a beautiful, finished look for topstitching on the cork!

While cork can be dry cleaned, we do NOT recommend throwing it in your washing machine.  Cork fabric can also be wiped down with a clean, gentle cloth, a little liquid soap, and some water. 

Ironing cork is NOT recommended, and finger pressing with work great with most projects.  Sewn-in stabilizers are also best to prevent contact with heat.



SMALL - 18" x 13"

MEDIUM - 18" x 26"

LARGE - 18" x 53" 

XL - 36" x 54"